Make it Mandatory

On June 15, 2012, tragedy struck when a member of Teamsters Local 362 shot and killed three coworkers and wounded one other. The fall out from the event, created a movement within the union that wanted to see mental health support made mandatory in workplaces across Canada. We created a docu-series campaign called #MakeItMandatory with Local 362, that was eventually also adopted by Teamsters Canada. The campaign included videos, blogs, visuals and interviews with major Canadian leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. All of this content lead to an action engine where people could tweet and email influencers and politicians, and encourage them to make mental health support mandatory.

The Challenge

Teamsters wanted to make sure a tragedy like the one that happened to their members , never happened again. They wanted to create a campaign that would not only raise awareness, but would also call on leaders and politicians to create change in workplaces when it comes to mental health support. They needed a campaign that would reach millions of Canadians and invite them to take action on this important topic in an easy way.

Video Case Study

Tackling mental health in the workplace

Our team reached out to mental health experts, politicians and leaders in the community, as well as Canadians who were speaking openly about mental health issues and concerns. We traveled across the country interviewing these Canadians. We put together short ‘webisode’ documentary videos that featured interviews with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Brian Burke, Sheldon Kennedy and many more. We launched a social media and influencer campaign that resulted in the videos and website being viewed by millions across Canada.

Meet The Ambassadors

Working to change the stigma around mental health

Make it Mandatory

Brian Burke

President of Hockey Operations, Calgary Flames

Make it Mandatory

Sheldon Kennedy

Order of Canada; Lead Director, Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre; Former NHL Player


Creating Change

Once our videos were released, key mental health organizations reached to Teamsters Canada to work further to raise awareness about mental health issues across Canada. The union now has a reputation as one of the leaders in the labour movement in mental health activism. They also continue to work towards the goal of making mental health mandatory in all workplaces.


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