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The number of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada is at a crisis level. There are 1.4 million Indigenous women in this country, that’s 4.3 per cent of the population. But they make up a staggering 16 per cent of murdered women and 11 per cent of missing women. This issue has been going on for decades, and the Canadian Labour Congress wanted to see justice finally happen for these women and their families. They wanted a way to reach millions of Canadians and get them involved in the conversation.

The Challenge

Our creative team began working on a?performance in collaboration with Indigenous artists, musicians and traditional fancy shawl dancers alongside?holograms and large format projections.?We then created?a diverse content campaign that would engage people around the issue?and honour the more than 4,000 women who have been murdered or who have gone missing in Canada. The performance took?place at the CLC’s annual Rise Up! Human Rights Conference, and our team captured it on film.

Video Case Study

No more stolen sisters

The performance took months of prep – we filmed dancers underwater to create live holograms, used green screen technology to create endless rows of Indigenous women in symbolic red dresses and created a moving collage of the woman and girls who have gone missing or have been murdered. This all culminated in an incredible performance that was the hero piece of our multifaceted digital campaign, which included interview and behind the scenes videos, infographics, blogs and sharable visuals.

Meet The Cast

A profound experience for everyone.

"It’s been quite a healing journey for me and I thought of my late sister Tanesha who was 16 when she was murdered.".
– Jade Tootoosis
"It wasn’t just a performance. They felt that emotional connection to what was going on and they felt they needed to do something.".
– Amanda Gould

Impact that made a difference

The result of this hard work was an incredibly important issue in Canada finally getting the attention it deserves and the lives of missing and murdered indigenous women being honoured.


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