Search Engine Optimization

Free traffic is so valuable

Redline has experienced SEO specialists on the payroll to grow your organic search results. Organic traffic – motivated information seekers and shoppers – are extremely valuable, and their clicks don’t cost you a thing. The trick to driving organic traffic to your website is ranking highly in search engine results. If you’re not on the first page or two, your competitors are going to get clicked first. Keep in mind your search engine presence won’t be built in a day. An experienced SEO firm, Redline will use a combination of content and code to earn your website’s spot near the top of the search engine results page over the long-term. Search engine optimization requires ongoing strategy review and refinement.

Where we specialize

Keyword Research

There are often a handful of different ways to describe your cause, product or service. Keyword research tells you which terms your audience is typing into search engines. Once Redline’s SEO specialists have figured out the right terms, Redline’s content team sprinkles the keywords throughout your website to boost your organic search ranking.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is a cost-effective way to boost your organic search ranking. The process starts with keyword research to determine what terms your customers are searching for. Then we look for opportunities to use the keywords in your website content, navigations labels, URL slugs and anywhere else search engine bots might find them.

Content Generation

Redline will help you create original content for your website that is loaded with keywords. Writing whitepapers, blog posts and opinion pieces are important aspect of website search engine optimization. As is generating sticky content users will actually read, watch and click because bounce rate is a key determinant of your search engine ranking.?

Landing Page Strategies

The better job you do at segmenting your landing pages for different audiences, the more conversions you’re going to get. Redline designs website landing pages with a clear visual and messaging hierarchy, so users know what they can do and why they should do it. We also develop marketing strategies to drive traffic to your landing pages.

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