Inbound Marketing

Marketing in disguise

Redline’s content marketing or inbound marketing campaigns lure prospects into your marketing funnel with the opportunity to learn something. It’s a soft sell approach. Inbound marketing is not just about your specific cause or business per se. That’s advertising. Instead content marketing strategies define what valuable information your organization can provide that is interesting, informative and useful to your audience – content your audience wants to see. You might share your take on new trends and technologies, sponsor a docuseries on a cause that deserves attention or star in series of hilarious how-to videos. We’re experts at creating content for all media, especially web videos, plus we have the strategic chops to know how to optimize your content distribution channels.

Where we specialize

HubSpot Certified

Redline is a web content agency that’s certified in Inbound Marketing by the globally recognized HubSpot Academy. To earn this certification, Redline had to complete training and pass an exam covering all of the components of an inbound marketing strategy: SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting. ?

Attract New Visitors

The trick to effective web content marketing is getting the right messages in front of the right audience at the right stage of the customer journey. Redline’s content and creative teams produce the kinds of blogs, infographics, videos and whitepapers that engage your customers to click, sign up or visit.

Optimized for Conversion

Ultimately, web content is only successful if it drives people to do something. Sign up for something. Buy something. Call someone. Redline designs pages, buttons, forms and more to increase conversion rates and maximize lead generation from new site traffic. A/B testing helps us with web content optimization and driving conversions.

Analytics & Optimization

Redline’s web content strategists are huge fans of line graphs, engagement rates and trend lines pointing upwards. We dig deep into the data to uncover insights that allow us to focus your marketing investment on the tactics and channels that perform the best. We’ll provide you with a monthly report detailing results and recommendations for your digital media plan.

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