Online & Display Advertising

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Redline is an online advertising agency. From animated digital banners to social video ads to Google search ads, Redline online campaigns get your cause or business noticed. Online advertising starts with figuring out what the conversion is – what do we want your audience to do after seeing these ads? Make a donation? Volunteer? Buy something? Then we distill that conversion down to a strong call to action for your campaign. One simple message that tells your story, and gives rise to a visual look and feel. After Redline’s creatives solidify a concept, we’ll choose the right ad sizes and placements to showcase your brand online or, in special cases, approach specific websites on your behalf for high-impact ads.

Where we specialize

Digital Media Planning

Redline’s online advertising specialists select the best digital channels and ad types to reach your audience. They work closely with account planners and media reps to segment, target and personalize ads through your digital channels. After launch, we’ll figure out what ad versions are working the best to optimize your spend.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an artform. We’ll work with you to find unique ways to showcase your campaign. Redline’s in-house, motion-graphics team add touches of movement and animation to digital ads to catch attention. Our strategy team ensures your ads appear on the right websites at the right times to generate clicks.


Redline designs re-targeting campaigns for all ad networks and platforms. Re-targeting ads follow anyone who visited your website around the Internet like a friendly puppy, tugging at your visitors pant leg to come back and do something. This audience is so important because you know they’re already interested in whatever it is that you do.

High-Impact Ads

High-impact ads are the next generation of display advertising. Why use a few rectangles around the periphery of a Web page when you can take over the whole thing? Redline produces videos and animations for page takeovers, push-down ads, video pre-roll ads and gravity ads that get a lot of attention.

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