Content & Copy

Sell stories, not just things

What’s your story? Is your cause changing lives? Is your plucky start-up transforming an industry that’s overdue for innovation? Great content and copy makes your brand the hero of its own story – a hero with a unique voice and personality. A story based, not on what you’re selling, but on what you’re doing that’s making a difference in the world. Redline helps you tell and share your story through any combination of media: articles, GIFs, photography, videos and even virtual reality. Online video content fills your digital channels with an electrifying combination of imagery, sounds and spoken words. Written content tells your story in granular detail through your website, social channels and blogs. Copy is the words that evoke emotion and provoke immediate action. Together, all the different types of content make your story come alive.

Where we specialize

Copywriting & Editing

Great copywriting is the indispensable element of every website and video project – or so says the copywriter who typed this sentence. Every brand needs a distinctive voice. One that speaks to your customers about your cause or business in an authentic tone and style they can relate to. We’re also happy to edit copy your team produces to makes sure your message is clear and typpo free.

Content Strategy

Redline helps you figure out what types of content you should produce, who should produce it and how frequently you should send it out. We’ll also help you pick the right channels to reach your customers with social media, blog posts and web videos. Even better, we’ll help you weigh the costs and benefits of in-house content production versus outsourcing.

Content Production

Writing articles. Online video creation. Photography. Celebrity GIFs. Redline produces every imaginable type of content you could possibly send through your digital channels. We produce content that informs and entertains your customers at the same time, while communicating your message. Our speciality is meaningful content people seek out and want to share.

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