User and developer friendly

Redline’s deep technology team makes your platform choice a whole lot easier. These days the number of content management systems for your business is virtually endless. We’ll help you select the right technology for your website design, from popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify up to custom-builds using SilverStripe. Content management systems ensure your website content stays fresh. User friendly content management systems make web page updates really easy for anyone to do. Web-developer friendly content management systems allow your company to modify web design templates and create new ones quickly. Redline will pick the best system for your user needs, business requirements and tech savviness.

Where we specialize

Content Management Systems

Redline defines user needs first, then we’ll recommend a content management system for your website. We do a lot of smaller websites in WordPress. If you need more custom functionality, we might use Drupal or SilverStripe or any number of CMS’s. Heavy database integration for an e-commerce site requires a different solution. We have experience with all of the above.

E-Commerce Solutions

The Internet has transformed retail forever. This afternoon you could take a picture of your Corvette, order a 1,000 custom, Corvette T-shirts and start selling them on next week. (The domain is available.) Redline will help you select the right e-commerce platform, optimize your store for sales and search engines, and drive traffic to your digital storefront.

Mobile Solutions

Your customers are just as likely to visit your website on a phone as they are on a laptop or desktop. Redline makes sure your website looks great on screens of all sizes. We don’t recommend creating a separate mobile website. Instead, we’ll create one site that’s responsive, so you don’t have to do double-duty on maintenance.

Web Apps

Redline’s website designers and user experience teams join forces any time a custom web app comes into the shop. Web apps are complex user flows that require users to provide a lot of information over multiple steps. Together, they figure out how to collect the information your business needs without losing or confusing users.

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