User Experience Design

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Prioritizing user needs is the best way to achieve business goals. Users have a lot on their minds – work, family, sports scores, celebrity meltdowns and whatever is making headlines. That’s why Redline’s web designers prize simplicity above all else. ?Intuitive web design means users don’t have to think too hard. The design gently nudges them along. They know what to do. What they expect is always waiting for them on the other side of every click. When our web designers are done, we’ll deploy your website and follow up to make sure users are finding what they need in as few clicks as possible.

Where we specialize

User Centred

Redline puts a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and goals at the heart of every design decision. We put a lot of effort into creating website experiences that provide all of the information your customers need with minimal effort. Insights from user research help us prioritize your website content and streamline user flows.

Platform Agnostic

E-commerce. Informational. Experiential. Ideas aren’t tied to any one content management system. And neither are Redline’s digital capabilities. Redline helps you choose the right platform based on user needs, business goals, types of content and frequency of updates. We’ll also consider your in-house resources and tech savviness.

Responsive Design

Desktops. Mobile phones. Tablets. That 90” 4K flat-screen you’ve got your eye on. Redline’s experienced team of web developers and designers ensures your website content adjusts to fit every platform. That way your website design looks consistently amazing on Android and iOS devices, Macs and PCs.

Usability Testing

Usability testing involves asking a cross-section of your user-base to complete specific tasks and activities with a prototype of your website. Redline can perform usability testing on your existing website, plus interactive prototypes of your new website design. This helps us understand user behaviour, and ultimately drive more website conversions, sales and sign-ups.

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